Grace Center of India

When we started the Grace Center of Charleston we knew it would be a ministry that could not be held within the confines of four walls.  Soon we learned it would not be held to a single city.  Recently the Lord has showed us that it will not be limited by nations or continents, as he opened doors on the opposite side of globe and continues to amaze us with His blessings.

The Grace Center of Charleston is proud to announce our partnership with Bishop Dutta to open our newest sister center in India.  The Grace Center is supporting the new endeavor spiritually and financially.  Below is a brief description given by our own Dr. Mike Sabback, who is associated with the Friends of Durgapor and has made many missionary trips to the area.

Grace Center India

financial support for ndia
Bishop Dutta the founder of Grace Center of India


During the June 2017 visit to Charleston of our ministry partner, Bishop Probal Dutta, Bishop of the Diocese of Durgapur (CNI), the Bishop was given a vision to start a new prayer center in the Diocese of Durgapur based on the founding principles of The Grace Center of Charleston (GCOC).

Bishop Dutta shared his vision with the GCOC board including the location and function of the proposed prayer center. The center would be located in the Mankar community of W. Bengal which has easy access to Durgapur and other population centers yet is in a rural setting.

The prayer center would be Christ-centered and Scripture-based but would be open to people of all faiths who would like to receive the healing touch of Jesus.

A full-time director would be appointed and regular weekly times of group prayer and intercession would be offered. In addition, individual prayer appointments would be offered as well as weekend prayer retreats for individuals and groups.

Training of prayer ministers would also take place and the center would also be affiliated with the OSL India Healing Ministry which is headquartered in the Diocese of Durgapur.

Grace Center India would also be a resource of encouragement and support to the many other ministries of the Diocese including the medical, children’s and antitrafficking ministries to name a few.

The Grace Center India would become a Beacon of Hope in the darkness to many in the Durgapur area and beyond and would represent a resource of caring to the greater community.

The GCOC board has unanimously voted to support Grace Center India and has provided a two-year startup grant as well as prayer cover for the ministry.

The Grace Center will send representatives on the Seacoast 2018 India Mission to participate in the inauguration of the center as well as to conduct a healing program during that visit.

It is anticipated that future teams will be sent from GCOC to participate in the work of the center and to conduct healing and training programs.

Please join us in prayer and support of this new ministry in a land where Christianity is the minority religion.  Help us to bring the love and ministry of Jesus and His healing power to a land that desperately need Him.  The Grace Center will be sending a team over to assist in January of 2018, and we are still taking volunteers to join us. If the Lord leads you please contact us for more information.

The Grace Center has also taken a leap of faith on its financial commitment to Bishop Dutta.  We have agreed to cover their expenses for two years until they are able to stand on their own.  We are relying on our friends and donors to make that happen.  We are believing that the Lord will provide through people like you through your generous gifts.  Please consider making a donation towards this amazing opportunity to help many find Jesus for the first time.  Donate Here.

We can’t thank you enough for you spirit of service and generosity.




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