Words Have Consequences

A friend of mine recently conveyed a story to me about a drive he took across Alligator Alley in FL.  He was travelling to see his brother when he blew out a tire on a piece of road that is famous for being built across swamp and wetlands.

He said since it was the middle of water there was nothing around and cars were traveling by at a high rate of speed. He didn’t know the temperature that day but it was incredibly hot.  He climbed under the truck, got the spare and started to jack up the car on the pathetic little jack that came standard with the vehicle. When he got the jack to its highest point he realized it was not enough height to change the tire.  The angle of the car on the side of the road left him a little shy of what he needed.

He stood there in the heat, sweat rolling down his face with cars whizzing by and bowed his head.  He said he didn’t remember the exact prayer, but right afterward a tire repair truck pulled in beside him.  He hadn’t called anyone, but there it was.  The gentleman asked if he needed help and of course my friend confessed he did.  The gentleman pulled out a large floorjack, popped up the truck and changed out the tire.

When my friend tried to pay him, the gentleman refused.  He simply leaned into my friend, looked him in the eyes, and said “Words have consequences.”  Then he got back into the truck and drove off.

Did God send an angel to help my friend?  Did God simply move on the heart of another Godly man in the area?  Maybe the Lord even used an unbeliever to help.  Why that phrase “Words have consequences”? It seems to me that it was a clear sign that God hears our prayers, and that our words, positive or negative, have a profound impact in this world. He hears our prayers and they are powerful.

On the other side, what we say and the words we use can be negative.  James 3:6 says “The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body.  It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.”

Always remember our words have power.  Choose them wisely


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