Bonnie Chavda is coming to Charleston, SC Healing Conference


The Grace Center of Charleston is proud to announce that it is being joined by Chavda Ministries International for its next conference A Journey Into the Heart of  Father God being held at North Palm Community Church in North Charleston. The Grace Center is a non-denominational ministry that welcomes all who wish to have a more personal relationship with the Lord.

Bonnie Chavda has blessed us by agreeing to be a keynote speaker at our conference and sharing with us the mysteries of the Tabernacle and the significant representations it made to Christ and the world. We are holding this healing conference on September 16th and 17th, 2016. To learn more details or to register click here. Seating is limited so please do not delay. All are welcome.

Topics include

  • The importance and need for intimacy with God. 
  • How our relationships impact our image and safety with God. 
  • How past wounds affect our self-worth. 
  • Our true identity in Christ
    Bonnie Chavda and the Pope
    Dr. Bonnie Chavda is the daughter of cattle ranchers from New Mexico. A dramatic encounter with the Holy Spirit at age 10 radically transformed Bonnie’s life, bringing a total commitment to Christ and His purposes. A gifted author and dynamic teacher, Bonnie brings revelation and release to thousands through her exciting and often dramatic exposition of the Word. Her intense love of Jesus and her fearless, forthright, pioneer spirit mix to make her an unforgettable speaker.

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