Fall Healing Conference

A Journey into the Heart of Father God


Join us September 16 and 17th, 2016 for a healing conference put on by the Grace Center of Charleston. The Tabernacle, a place where God’s presence dwelled visibly among his people, was a striking prophetic picture of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
During this conference, leaders from the Grace Center will lead us on a journey through the gate into the outer court, past the first curtain into the Holy Place, and finally into the Holy of Holies where authentic worship takes place.
As we explore the imagery of the Tabernacle, we will learn about our identity in Christ.
Teaching and healing prayer ministry topics will include: •The importance and need for intimacy with God.

•How our relationships impact our image and safety with God.
•How past wounds affect our self-worth.
•Our true identity in Christ.
•Authentic worship and abiding in the Presence of God.

Event will be held at North Palm Community Church – 7138 Cross County Road Suite A, North Charleston, SC 29418.  Please register for event here.


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