Breaking Through Prayer Conference Report

Our first Grace Center conference at the First Baptist Beach House at Folly Beach, SC was a huge success! We had such an awesome time. I don’t really know how to begin describing it to someone who was unable to attend.  Let me first start by saying the Lord showed up in a big way. All who attended could feel His presence.  I know of multiple healings on everything from injured arms to abdominal pain, from migraines to chronic acid reflux, all healed.  Marriages were made stronger, faith made whole, and inner healings of old wounds and hurts took place. Broken  people drew closer to their heavenly Father.

Our wonderful attendees represented 15 different churches and crossed every boundary of income, race, denomination, and age.  We truly represented the Body of Christ.  Our teachers and trainers raised up new prayer warriors giving new tools and weapons to all who attended no matter what their experience.  We had tracks for both the experienced prayer ministers and for those who never stepped out and prayed for another before. Healing, ministering,  words of wisdom, and prophetic words were all taught by experts in their respective fields.  All the classes were full of divine wisdom and the experience of those who held them really showed.

The food was amazing! It was provided by Jubilee Catering and provided vegetarian choices as well as gluten free items. Praise and worship was provided by our fabulous friends from the North Palm praise team and also by Tony Nieper a dear friend to the Grace Center. Every night broke out in shouting, cheering and songs of worship.  Groups formed and prayed for one another, multiplying His works. Everyone joined in and the only star of the show was Jesus. It was so great to be free to just glorify Him in such a heavenly atmosphere. Special thanks to Seacoast, North Palm, God Encounter, Order of St. Luke, and Kiril Istatkov Ministries.

Praise is a very intimate time of complete abandon and surrender to the Lord so we are careful to not post pictures that would ever encroach on that time, but please feel free to look through the pictures we have posted.  Please like us on Facebook to keep up with our events. The Lord isn’t done with us yet!

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