Grace Center Testimony

Dear Board;
Thank-you for corresponding with me.
When I was at the soaking on January 23, I was amazed at the word that came forth that day and as I stated when I was there I knew those words from Pastor Jack was God speaking directly to me.
In 2013 ( JANUARY ) I had cancer in my right breast . It was taken care of with surgery and chemo and radiation and I’ve been followed pretty closely since then.

By August of 2013 I was finished with 2 rounds of chemo and was scheduled to begin radiation when my husband LEON became ill. I finished radiation in September and he died in October.
The last two years have been very difficult for me. Leon and I were married for 45 years and I was devastated when he passed away. But God said that he would  never leave me or forsake me, He advises me to keep my eyes on him and not waver. I must never forget all the situations he has brought me through. And the most important thing is to remember that with his blood, JESUS purchased men for God and that means me !!.
On  Thursday 01/21/16 I had a mammogram and I was told the left breast seemed to have something suspicious there and I needed a needle biopsy which I had the next day 01/22, the Friday before the soaking. I got the results of that TODAY and it was NEGATIVE! —————-Only benign tissue.
Praise God for his teachings on Prayer, I praise God for his every Word. I praise God for Preachers and Encouragers and Prayer Warriors.
I admit that I was a little apprehensive when I was told that the mammogram looked suspicious but when I went home I asked God to give me his peace. And he did. I went the next day and did the biopsy and did not even tell my children about it.
When I got there and checked in the young man  at the desk started talking about the youth in his church and that lead to a conversation about how FAITHFUL God is. After the biopsy the attendant who was assigned to me that day told me she was going to pray for my good results. And that led to another short conversation about the goodness of our God. When I left out of that place I was so calm and peaceful and I knew that no matter what I AM A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH AND I AM HEALED NO MATTER THE RESULT.
The day after the biopsy was the soaking and it’s AMAZING HOW I HAD SCHEDULED THAT IN OCTOBER OR NOVEMBER of 2015. And it was scheduled for just when I needed it. God in his wisdom is awesome and He is ALWAYS on time . The Word and the atmosphere at the soaking on 01/23 showed me that “His eye is on the sparrow and I know that  He is watching me “.
Thank- you for adhering to Gods call on your life, thank-you for how you perform it, IT’S PERFECT!
Thank you so much from the board for your testimony. It is always so good to hear it and to be able to share it!

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